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Healthy Breakfast Recipe you can try with your kids

Like any mum I wanted to cook wonderful, creative and healthy meals for my kiddo. Even my Kid was never a fussy eater but I liked to make fancy, decorative and eye appealing meals/ snacks. But soon started to realize more I prepared Jazzed-up meals for him his expectation too increased there were times when I gave him simple dal, roti and he would make faces. Let’s face it such meals can only be prepared once or twice in a week not everyday! We mums already have so much to accomplish everyday! So here, are my simple yet delicious two recipe’s that appeal to kids eyes and help those taste buds to develop. These 2 recipe's can be combined to be served as a healthy breakfast.  This is usually our Sunday Breakfast! Recipe 1- Kryptonite Parantha/ Palak ka Parantha:  This name is given by my son and it’s his fav parantha because of the color, ofcourse and also it has power to defeat even Superman. Ingredients Required: Spinach/Palak- 500gms Garlic- 2/3 clo
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Dare to Share, so that she can have a safe abortion!

Do we know that India legalised a Women right to abort way back in 1971.  The provision includes women under 18, as long as they have their guardian’s consent, and women made pregnant by rape. A woman doesn’t need the consent of her husband and can legally terminate at up to 20 weeks’ gestation.   Also t he procedure is allowed if her physical or mental health is under threat or the child that would be born would have “such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped”. One clause, however, is specifically reserved for married women: abortion because of contraceptive failure. Source: Google  But yet a women cannot go to a clinic to get a proper consultation about well being of her mind, body if she wants to get an abortion without being judged by her husband, doctors and even in her own eyes because of the Taboo created by our own society which includes us even. If she decides to have an abortion she is not less of a women! 6 months after delivering m

Staying Connected with Grandparents

What do you remember about your childhood? Playing around with your friends, your school, school friends, summer / winter vacations, meeting your cousins and last but definitely not the least your time spent with your Grandparents. We used to live in a Nuclear Family and my Dadu and Dadi lived in a different city but I remember my mom and dad making a point going to meet them and talk to them whenever they can. My Nanaji and Nani stayed in the same city and either we or they came to visit every week. The times may have changed but the love that grandparents share for their grandchild is and always will remain the same. Even today when I close my eyes and remember the good times spent with them I remember stealing toffees that were kept under Dadu’s pillow, My Dadi teaching me acu-pressure benefits of folding hands and doing Namaste, I was so mesmerized by the speed by which my nani could knit even while she was talking to us or with her eyes closed and ofcourse my hea

How Motherhood Changed Me

Don’t we all wish motherhood would come with a Little Black Book which could help us cheat whenever Life gets tough.  Even after 4 years of being a mom, there are time where i still feel like a new mom all anxious and confused, who could not sleep for 7 days straight when she first held her son, Kabbir. But isn’t it ironic that those Groundhog Day’s in a mom’s life are the ones that taught me the most and helped me grow. Motherhood has changed my life in profound ways… So here are my top 10 ways Motherhood has changed my life. 10. Rome wasn’t built in a day: Motherhood has definitely helped me understand the Phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We may have N number of things to do at one time, you may have a house to clean, a toy rampage to organize or a clingy toddler who would not just settle, a sink full of dishes and millions of house chores to finish but I have understood motherhood is EXHAUSTING.It takes time but I have learnt to relax and say it is OKAY!  Yes

Raising Curious Pre-Schoolers- Top 5 mobile apps for kids

Our preschoolers have so much energy that it is difficult to go for grocery shopping with them. It is somewhat impossible to ask them to sit at a place when you are at the doctors or be quite when your are having an important conversation. In moments like these we hand out our mobile to our little ones. But we mothers do worry about their screen time and what our kids are watching or playing on our devices. No matter how much we limit their screen time we want their time on wireless devices to be fun yet educational. One more concern that we face is these educational apps are quite expensive and the ones that are free have ads in them (even when it is prohibited to put ads or third party links in kids apps), below I have stated few apps that are quite fun for kids yet not heavy on our pocket. 1.  Busy Shapes: For age: 2+ This is one App my kiddo Kabbir loves it and to tell you the truth oce I start playing this I get hooked to it too. Busy Shapes  gives kids a digi