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Healthy Breakfast Recipe you can try with your kids

Like any mum I wanted to cook wonderful, creative and healthy meals for my kiddo. Even my Kid was never a fussy eater but I liked to make fancy, decorative and eye appealing meals/ snacks. But soon started to realize more I prepared Jazzed-up meals for him his expectation too increased there were times when I gave him simple dal, roti and he would make faces.

Let’s face it such meals can only be prepared once or twice in a week not everyday! We mums already have so much to accomplish everyday!

So here, are my simple yet delicious two recipe’s that appeal to kids eyes and help those taste buds to develop. These 2 recipe's can be combined to be served as a healthy breakfast.  This is usually our Sunday Breakfast!
Recipe 1-Kryptonite Parantha/ Palak ka Parantha: This name is given by my son and it’s his fav parantha because of the color, ofcourse and also it has power to defeat even Superman.Ingredients Required:Spinach/Palak- 500gms Garlic- 2/3 cloves Ginger- ½ inch Tomato-2 Onion-1 Salt- to…

Staying Connected with Grandparents

What do you remember about your childhood?
Playing around with your friends, your school, school friends, summer / winter vacations, meeting your cousins and last but definitely not the least your time spent with your Grandparents.
We used to live in a Nuclear Family and my Dadu and Dadi lived in a different city but I remember my mom and dad making a point going to meet them and talk to them whenever they can. My Nanaji and Nani stayed in the same city and either we or they came to visit every week.
The times may have changed but the love that grandparents share for their grandchild is and always will remain the same.
Even today when I close my eyes and remember the good times spent with them I remember stealing toffees that were kept under Dadu’s pillow, My Dadi teaching me acu-pressure benefits of folding hands and doing Namaste, I was so mesmerized by the speed by which my nani could knit even while she was talking to us or with her eyes closed and ofcourse my headstrong Nanaji who al…