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Healthy Breakfast Recipe you can try with your kids

Like any mum I wanted to cook wonderful, creative and healthy meals for my kiddo. Even my Kid was never a fussy eater but I liked to make fancy, decorative and eye appealing meals/ snacks. But soon started to realize more I prepared Jazzed-up meals for him his expectation too increased there were times when I gave him simple dal, roti and he would make faces.

Let’s face it such meals can only be prepared once or twice in a week not everyday! We mums already have so much to accomplish everyday!

So here, are my simple yet delicious two recipe’s that appeal to kids eyes and help those taste buds to develop. These 2 recipe's can be combined to be served as a healthy breakfast.  This is usually our Sunday Breakfast!
Recipe 1-Kryptonite Parantha/ Palak ka Parantha: This name is given by my son and it’s his fav parantha because of the color, ofcourse and also it has power to defeat even Superman.Ingredients Required:Spinach/Palak- 500gms Garlic- 2/3 cloves Ginger- ½ inch Tomato-2 Onion-1 Salt- to…

5 YouTube channels for kids under Five

Hey Mommies,

There were times when our parents were the only YouTube available for kids.

If you were the 90's kid or before that, you will understand that only references and/or sources of information available to us were either text books or our parents.

But let me tell you technology is here to stay, and it's only growing we can run from it, hide from it but there is no way of completely shutting it out. So instead of hiding your kids from it and making them all curious at the later stages in life we can introduce it to them under parental control/ supervision.

From Rhymes to Physics Lessons everything is available on the internet. Youtube has somewhat never ceases to amaze me with 100 hours of video uploads every minute. The original YouTube has many channels for kids and Adults but if you want your kids to have restricted access you can use either turn on parental controls or download YouTube for Kids. But just setting up parental controls does not rule out the fact the cont…

Clean Hands, Control Infections- Zapcare (Hand Sanitizer from ADITI Healthcare)

Hand Sanitizers are big part of our mordern lifestyle. They are used everywhere from washbasins to holiday trips. I know we as indians are fixated over using Liquid Hand Wash but Hand Sanitizers are powerful, faster acting against killing viruses and can be used water-less.

But, first why do we need Hand Sanitizers?Hand Hygiene is the first step to prevent infections, since they are water-less they can be used at our convenience even in the unavailability of soap and water. It is anti-microbial and anti-fungal that is why it is persistent enough to fight against bacteria, viruses and fungus in standard condition.

All it takes is 30 seconds to practise hand hygiene.

Where to use Hand Sanitizers?As i said earlier Hand Sanitizers can be used from washbasins to outdoors, you can sanitize your hands before touching a new born baby, or visiting a patient at the hospital, while travelling specially when mother change diapers of their kids or before and after eating outdoors. Hand Sanitizers can…